Facebook launches free calls for US iPhones

US iPhone users can enjoy free calls via messenger app

Facebook Messenger for iPhone users can now enjoy free voice calls over cellular and wifi, after the company introduced the feature to the US & Canada

Facebook has added a new feature to its messenger app; free voice calls. However the feature is currently limited to the US & Canada.

Currently restricted to the iPhone 5 and iPhones using the latest version of Facebook messenger, the feature allows users to voice call their friends who also use the app. As yet, the feature does not allow calls to landlines or users logged in via their browser; however it could save talkative iPhone users a bundle of cash by avoiding call charges from their network.

Within the app, the user simply taps the ‘i’ button in any conversation, and then select ‘free call’ to start a voice call with their friend. Surprisingly, the feature is independent of Skype- which has already been integrated into Facebook’s website.

The latest development, which comes days after they announced Graph Search, their new search engine which is powered by Microsoft Bing.