Facebook iPad app official release date imminent

Facebook to finally launch official Apple iPad app

Facebook will release its official Apple iPad app in the next few weeks after 12 months in development

Facebook is set to finally launch an official Facebook application for Apple’s market dominating iPad tablet following more than 12 months of development, new reports have suggested. The news comes amid rumours Facebook is launching a HTML5 app store for Apple iPhones, codenamed Project Spartan.

With Mark Zuckerberg reportedly taking the helm in helping to develop his company’s Facebook for iPad application, the social networking powerhouse has apparently trialled a number of design iterations before deciding on the final layout which it is claimed will hit the App Store within weeks.

Whilst much of the functionality of Facebook’s full web service is available to iPad users through the Safari browser, the official Facebook for iPad app is said to completely revamp the service’s Facebook Chat and Facebook Groups services.

Remaining tight lipped and cagey on the existence and upcoming release of a Facebook iPad app, the company’s communications manager Jamie Schopflin announced: "We have a great relationship with Apple that is exemplified by our iPhone application, but with regards to an iPad application we have nothing to announce now, and cannot comment on future Facebook products.”

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Via: TechRadar