Facebook Groups update unveiled

Plus download your data and new apps dashboard

New offerings aim to make private sharing easier, as Facebook listens to privacy concerns.

Facebook last night unveiled a string of new features which are clearly aimed at putting your privacy back at the top of the social network’s agenda.

The big story is the new-look Facebook Groups, which make it easier to pull together a bunch of pals for you to share musings, snaps and video with without showing them to the rest of your ‘friends’.

All you need to do is head to the new groups page, add friends and away you go. Importantly, privacy is automatically set to closed, so no one else can see your info other than those selected. You’ll also be able to send the group emails, with each member also receiving a notification when you add any info.

Elsewhere, a new apps dashboard is set to land in the privacy settings next week, allowing you to see which third party add-ons can have been authorised and which data permissions have been granted. You’ll even be able to see what data has been accessed by that app, as well as get the chance to delete the app completely.

Finally, a new download your data feature is set to land in account settings, letting you store locally all the info you’ve stashed on Facebook. To access it though, you will need your username and password.

Do the new features float your boat? And has Facebook gone far enough in addressing some very real privacy concerns? Head over to our own Facebook page now to discuss, or tap us up on Twitter if that’s your thing.