Facebook friend 'subscriber' calls all social stalkers

Get instant notifications on friends' entire Facebook activity

Facebook stalking gets a sinister twist

Facebook has begun beta testing a feature that will allow users to ‘subscribe’ to a friend and instantly receive updates of their Facebook activities, a tool that is causing quite a stir over its potentially unethical uses.

Whilst the private joys of Facebook include being able to secretly look at the profiles of forgotten friends, find mild acquaintances and hunt down the girl from the drunken kiss in a hazy bar the night before, the new friend subscription option brings to question the shady area of online, potentially anonymous stalking.

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Having selected to ‘subscribe’ to a friend, users will then receive notifications on that person’s Facebook activities such as status changes, wall posts, comments, uploads and likes, all information available via the news feed but with instant notification updates sent.

Facebook has reportedly commented to online blog AllFacebook regarding the new friend subscription beta stating: “This feature is being tested with a small percent of users. It lets people subscribe to friends and pages to receive notifications whenever the person they’ve subscribed to updates their status or posts new content, photos, videos, links or notes.”

Further pushing the need and want of user information, the subscription beta could well step on the toes of Twitter and it’s ‘Follow’ system if rolled out globally.

Stalking aide or innocent friend follower? Let us know what you think to Facebook’s new friend subscriber and if you would use it via the T3 Twitter and Facebook pages?