Facebook for iPad updated for Retina Display

Crystal clear photos, but no Timeline yet

Facebook for iPad is now Retina-friendly application and promises to fix all those annoying bugs. However, there's no Timeline profile pages in the update

Facebook has issued an update to its application for iPad to accommodate the new tablet's Retina Display.

The social network is the latest to upgrade the resolution in order to keep up with the massively improved 2048 x 1536 screen.

The most obvious result of the improved graphics will be improved photo and HD video viewing capabilities, offering more detail and clarity than ever before.

Facebook is also bringing a host of minor changes, promising bug fixes for the much-maligned iPad app, which took a full 18 months after the first generation device launched. We're hoping, as a result, we'll see less inexplicable crashes.

Also along for the ride is the ability to go offline in chat mode and improvements to friends lists, name-tagging in photos and a host of new display languages.

One glaring omission - although perhaps a blessing for some change-resistant users - is the lack of the new Timeline profile page. It's present in the latest Android and iPhone versions of the app, but iPad users will have to wait.

Via: ZDNet