Facebook for iPad app official

Social network finally launches iPad app after months of waiting

iPad owners can at last snag Facebook’s iPad app, following an unofficial release and endless talk that the add-on would never actually be released.

Facebook has finally released its official iPad app. The new add-on can be snagged by simply updating the iOS app on your Apple tablet. An unofficial version had been kicking around for months, with the app having been ready as long ago as early summer according to one former employee.

Zuckerberg and co have promised improved navigation, bigger photos, easier message sending skills and access to Facebook games. The drop down menu design will be familiar to those who’ve already seen leaked screen shots of the app in action.

The news comes just weeks after a senior developer left Facebook for Google, complaining that his work on the iPad app had been held back unnecessarily. There was even the suggestion that it wouldn’t see the light of day.

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