Facebook event next Monday: Gmail rival incoming?

Gossip hounds pounce on announcement of yet another Facebook bash

Is Zuckerberg about to up the stakes in Facebook's bitter battle with Google?

Facebook is holding yet another event next Monday and already speculation is rife about just what Zuckerberg and co will have to show the assembled crowd of hacks and social media fanatics.

The gathering, which kicks off at 5.30pm UK time on 15 November, could see the official unveiling of ‘Project Titan’, the hotly-tipped webmail offering which Facebook is hoping will rival Google’s peerless Gmail.

Why? Well the invite clearly shows Facebook’s iPhone inbox icon. Tenuous, sure, but it’s enough to get tech fanatics salivating at the prospect of yet another front opening in Google and Facebook’s acrimonious battle for web supremacy.

Mark Zuckerberg has already said that Facebook will be touting one more major product in 2010. Here’s hoping it’s not just a minor tweak to its mobile site and something massive.

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Via TechCrunch