Facebook 'dislike' button scam targets social users

Make believe dislike button spams user's accounts

Facebook dislike button proves scam to spam users

Facebook users are being targeted in a scam that promises to offer them the chance to install the long desired “dislike” button before installing an application that fills their profile with spam messages.

Encouraging users in with the declaration “Download the official DISLIKE button now”, the scammers then install a rogue application that leaves a message on the user’s profile stating “I just got the dislike button, so now I can dislike all of your dumb posts lol.” Whilst no such button appears, a link forwards wannabe users on to an online survey for which the scammers get paid.

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Taking fast action against the dislike button scam, a spokesperson for the social networking giant that is Facebook said the site had a “very quick process in place” to ensure damaging and rogue links and applications are spotted and removed promptly.”

The spokesperson added: "We always encourage people to not click on links that appear suspicious - even if posted from a friend.”

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