Facebook closes up the virtual Gift shop

Last and final call for Facebook virtual gifts

The gift shop that was one of Facebook's earliest applications will close shop on August 1.

Facebook has announced the closure of their Gift shop which allows users of the popular social networking site to send virtual gifts to each other after buying them with Facebook credits.

Facebook, which launched the application in early 2007, will close the shop come August 1 2010.

On their official blog, Facebook stated that they will "focus instead on improving other products". Could the signs pointing to Google's planned Facebook-competitor be a reason for them to try and step up their game?

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However, the gifts that you will receive till then will still show up on your profile. Third-party applications that cater to the virtual gifts clientele will remain operational.

We haven't heard any more about Project Titan either - a webmail service Facebook was developing to combat Gmail. Could this be another product Facebook will launch after they close up the Gift Shop? Watch this space.

Poke us on Twitter and Facebook (although it's your last chance to send us virtual presents) and tell us if you're going to miss Facebook Gifts.

Via: TechRadar