Facebook Breakup Notifier web app goes live

Be the first to find out when she's single again

Online break-ups have always been messy, but now...

Facebook stalkers around the world rejoice! A new web app has launched which will send users an email notification when their freinds' relationship statuses change.

The Breakup Notifier add-on will allow you to select the friends you want to monitor and then drop you a line if the status of the girl you're sweet on suddenly goes from "in a relationship" to "single."

Giving the app access to your profile will mean the more voyeuristic Facebookers can go about their daily business without the need to check out her profile every day in the vain hope that she's back now on the market.

If the girl you chased at school got married to the guy who stole her and you've never recovered, you can have Breakup Notifier let you know if all of a sudden "it's complicated."

Rather than market itself as a 'stay ahead of the gossip' app, which might have been somewhat less creepy, Breakup Notifier makes no attempt to hide its raison d'etre: "You like someone. They're in a relationship. Be the first to know when they're out of it," says the app's website.

Many of us have probably been guilty of expressing a modicum of delight when a female friend announces on Facebook that she's drops the loser you always hated, so we're sure there'll be no shortage of folks clicking the "Allow" button on this app, no matter how unethical, and totally creepy, it might seem.

Link: Breakup Notifier