Facebook block Kate Middleton from social network

Royal in waiting namesake given the boot by Facebook

Facebook mix up sees wrongly accused fraudster blocked

Social networking giant Facebook has reportedly deleted the account of a 29 year old female user simply because she shares her name with the fiancée of Prince William, Kate Middleton.

Middleton, the aggrieved Facebook user not the future member of the monarchy, has spoken out on the disruption and inconvenience caused by her unjust removal. She declared: "It was ridiculous because they obviously thought I was trying to impersonate Prince William's Kate Middleton. But the profile picture is of me - and I clearly look nothing like her. Besides, William's Kate is not even on Facebook."

Miss Middleton, who has had her 30th birthday arrangements hampered by the Facebook faux-pas, was mistakenly deemed by the internet behemoth to be operating her account under a fake name or false identity, a practise prohibited by Facebook’s user agreement.

In defence of Facebook’s mistake Miss Middleton, who lives on the aptly named Kingsway, Wellingborough in Northamptonshire and dates a namesake of TV personality Jonathan Ross has enough coincidental connections to fill a sit-com episode.

A Facebook spokeswoman responded to the high-profile error announcing: "We review thousands of pieces of content every day and take action to ensure Facebook remains a safe and trusted environment for everyone. Of course, we make an occasional mistake. This is an example. When this happens, and it's brought to our attention, we work quickly to resolve the issue."

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Via: PA