Facebook App News: Android use overtakes iPhone

More people now using Facebook on Android than iPhone

Facebook for Android is now more popular than Facebook for Android according to new figures from AppData. It's the first time daily usage of the app has favoured Android.

Google's Android operating system can place another feather in its cap with news that its official Facebook app now has more users than the iPhone counterpart.

New data from the AppData tracking service suggests that Facebook for Android now has 58.8m active daily users, while the iPhone equivalent has slightly less at 57.6m. This is the first time that Android has sneaked ahead.

The two smartphone giants have been trading blows throughout 2011, with Android scoring a number of victories in terms of global market share over Apple's iOS software. This news is another indication that Android is slowly gaining the overall ascendency.

When total Facebook app users are considered, the iPhone still has a healthy lead (99.5m to 86.1m), but it is those who use the app daily are considered more important.

As Android users now represent a larger portion of Facebook's mobile user-base, the social networking giant may end-up placing more stock in developing and releasing updates for the platform,

Facebook for iPhone and Android have been subject to a recent upgrade which sees the new Timeline profile feature incorporated for the first time.

Link: Guardian