Facebook announces App Center discovery tool for best apps

New hub will be available for iPhone, Android apps and on Facebook.com

As Facebook users continue to connect with the social network through their favourite apps, the company is launching an App Center hub, which will bring a dedicated page for apps like Spotify and Pinterest

Facebook has announced it will launch a new App Store-like discovery hub for the apps, services and plug-ins that are tightly integrated with the social network.

The App Center hub will give users an idea of the top ranking, most used, most shared and most highly-rated services that connect with Facebook either through mobile devices or through websites. Each Facebook user will see the apps most in tune with their tastes.

So, the likes of Spotify, Pinterest, Netflix, Flixster, Draw Something, Vevo and Viddy will have their own pages within the App Center and users will be able to install them directly through Facebook Connect, or through a quick redirect to the App Store or Google Play.

The App Center will be available on Facebook.com, but will also become part of the experience for iOS and Android users.

A post on the Facebook blog tells developers: "Success through the App Center is tied to the quality of an app. We use a variety of signals, such as user ratings and engagement, to determine if an app is listed in the App Center."

Facebook says it wants to help app developers to grow their apps though the App Center and will introduce the opportunity to charge users for the privilege of utilising the apps through Facebook.

Via: TechCrunch