Facebook adds Interest lists to create 'personalised newspaper'

Users can create Interest lists by collating favourite pages under one banner

Facebook hopes to take on the growing number of social newspapers apps by adding the Interest List feature, which encourages you to spend yet more time on the site

Facebook has unveiled a new Interest list feature, which it says will turn the social network into your own personalised newspaper.

The new functionality, which is sure to raise eyebrows at Twitter and Flipboard, encourages users to subscribe to updates from grouped interests like 'NFL teams' or 'Tech news sites.'

Interest lists can be created by anyone and brings together Pages from people of interest like journalists or organisations like sports teams.

If you subscribe to and Interest list, updates from that group will appear together in your news feed under the same banner, which negates the need to subscribe to endless individual pages that can dominate your news feed.

A post on the Facebook blog explains: "Interests feature public figures and Pages related to a particular topic, and are put together by people like you. The top stories from each interest appear in your news feed so you can scan interesting headlines or click through to read more posts."

The functionality will be rolled out within the next couple of weeks, but you can get cracking by visiting Facebook's new Interest lists page.

Via: PC World