Fable III Kingmaker app to launch for iPhone and Android

Plant your flag in real-world locations and claim them

Napoleon-esque add-on combines hit game with real world.

A new Fable III app for iPhone and Android will give gamers the chance to earn gold to use in the hotly-anticipated game when its launched on Xbox 360 later this month.

The Fable III Kingmaker app involves planting flags and tagging real-life locations using the smartphone's GPS functionality.

The territories will then be split between the two factions - The Rebels and The Royals - with the land going to the team that has the most flags. Gamers will be rewarded for their allegiance in gold that will then be transferred into the console game set for release on October 29th.

UK gaming God and Fable mastermind Peter Molyneux says: "To be able to earn gold you can use in your Fable III game, and to check-in and claim land for your side is brilliant for both Fable III and Xbox 360. We all love the innovation and feeling of being connected that Kingmaker brings to gamers."

The app will come to Android phones on October 4th, while iPhone users will wait a couple more days. A Windows Phone 7 Series app is also forthcoming alongside the launch of that platform.

Link: Fable3Kingmaker.com