F1 2011 game trailer launched days ahead of title's release

F1 2011 release date teased by latest video trailer

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Codemasters has released a new F1 2011 game trailer just days ahead of the official F1 2011 UK release date offing a tantalising look at a number of the title's new features

Ahead of this Friday’s F1 2011 game release date, developer Codemasters has unveiled a final video trailer for the racing sim offering a slow-motion insight to the game’s impressive graphics and high-octane racing.

Replicating the latest developments in the sport, the F1 2011 game will allow users to get behind the wheel of all 12 official Formula 1 racing teams battling wheel-to-wheel through the title’s new dynamic weather mode and making use of the KERS and DRS features introduced to the sport for the 2011 season.

Adding safety car features to the game for the first time, an F1 2011 release date has been set for this Friday, September 23rd in the UK with the title to hit Xbox 360, PS3 and PC ahead of a PS Vita release to coincide with the portable console’s arrival. Another new addition to the racing title is the introduction of the F1 2011 Co-op Championships Mode.

“Co-op championships is the big one,” said Paul Jeal, Senior Producer of F1 2011 speaking in an exclusive interview with T3. “That’s you playing through a championship season with a friend, playing as team-mates with all the practice RND objectives to do together to try and get upgrades for the team, working together to secure the Constructor Championship.”

Are you excited about the imminent F1 2011 release date or are you holding out for the likes of FIFA 12, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3? Let us know via the comments box below…

F1 2011 Game Trailer