Rare Final Fantasy II cartridge hits eBay for $50,000

One-off prototype copy of FF II, made for the 1991 Consumer Electronics Show hits auction site

A one-off prototype copy of Final Fantasy II, made for the 1991 Consumer Electronics Show, is currently being auctioned on eBay for $50,000 (£31,668)

Gaming enthusiasts may well be aware that the original version of Final Fantasy II for the NES never made its way to Western shores, as developer Square ditched plans and focused on the 16-bit Super Nintendo instead.

The seller, who claims to have owned the cartridge for nine years, states that this is the only legitimate (non bootleg) copy of the game in existence. The game is reportedly playable, in English, from beginning to end.

The description also reads: “It has been stored securely since it was originally purchased in 2003, and until I took the photos for this auction, it had not touched a console since that time.”

While the seller is taking offers, all of them have been rejected so far. Anyone looking to get bragging rights for owning an unreleased Final Fantasy game better be prepared to part with some serious money.

Via eBay