EXOS2 Iron Man-style suit now a reality

EXOS2 suit can make wearer stronger and faster

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Iron Man-style suit now a reality
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Iron Man-style suit now a reality

The EXOS2 suit is the latest in a series by Raytheon to provide the US Army with soldier enhancements both on and off the battleground.

Ok so its no looker, but considering the wait before we see soldiers jetting around in super-suits this is definitely a step in the right direction.

The EXOS2 Exoskeleton is designed to give the wearer increased strength, speed and carrying capabilities both on and off a battlefield. The user can carry up to 70kg with no effort at all and has the strength to punch through four planks of wood at once.

At the moment it’s only in the non-combatant stage, with the suit being tethered and offering a full body exoskeleton but there are plans for non-tethered waist down variants which would allow the user to carry huge payloads on their back with no strain or speed impairment.

As an idea its bloody cool, and as an actual working product its even better, with manufacturers predicting the suits to enter service in 3-5 years its enticing to try and predict how much more advanced these suits will be in say 10 years. For now though we’ll happily settle with the trade off of a bit of bulk in return for super strength.

Link: Telegraph