Everything Everywhere to improve UK mobile network

Mobile operator plans to use all its profits from recent sale on public

Everything Everywhere said that it is planning to use the revenue from the sale of its 2G mobile spectrum to improve its mobile network in the UK to benefit its customers

The owner of Orange and T-Mobile, Everything Everywhere, has promised it will use its windfall profit to benefit its customers across the UK, by improving its mobile network.

MPs asked the firm to use the revenue for public benefit; estimates put the amount as high as £450million.

A report from the Department for Culture, Media and Spoty Committee called for the move and asked Ofcom to make sure the proceeds were directed towards the public.

Everything Everywhere said in a statement, "We are required to sell some 1800MHz spectrum, for which we pay £33 million in license fees to government each year. It is our intention that all proceeds from the sale of this spectrum will be invested into our UK network to benefit our customers across the country."

The mobile operator made the statement on Friday in response to a call by MPs for the reinvestment, who also made other recommendations for the spectrum at the same time.

Via: The Telegraph