Everything Everywhere NFC payments coming this spring

Contactless payments for Orange and T-Mobile imminent

New SIM cards set to pave way for virtual wallet on slew of phones.

Everything Everywhere, Orange and T-Mobile’s joint venture, has confirmed that it’s rolling out NFC-packing SIMs in the second quarter of this year. A tie-up with Barclaycard will mean users can pay for low-ticket goods by swiping their phone at over 40,000 stores across the UK.

Contactless payments are already huge thanks to Barclaycard and Visa implementing the tech on their debit and credit cards. And three years after O2 trialled a similar service in London, Everything Everywhere’s offering is set to take the idea of paying with your phone mainstream.

An Everything Everywhere spokesperson said, “"We see a future where a consumer can use the mobile phone to spend on the high street, get discounts and redeem in store as well as use the phone as a ticket for the bus, train or access to a sports or music venue." Indeed, O2’s trial allowed punters to use their Oyster card on their phone.

With the Google Nexus S already rocking NFC and the iPhone 5 and iPad 2 also expected to come pack he tech, it seems mobile payments are finally set to make the leap into the big time in 2011. Are you keen on getting involved? Or are you happy with cash and plastic? Tell us on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Via TechRadar