Everything Everywhere launches 'EE' 4G UK network

New name, new brand and exclusive 4G

Everything Everywhere, the network operator behind Orange and T-Mobile, has announced the UK's first 4G network at an event this morning

The company also used the event to showcase its new brand name 'EE' and accompanying logo made out of "particles".

EE was granted an exclusive head-start to launch 4G in the UK by Ofcom and the network plans to have sixteen UK cities connected by Christmas, with 70% of the population connected by 2013.

The first four cities, London, Birmingham, Bristol and Cardiff will have 4G switched on today for initial testing purposes with the rollout continuing over the next few months.

Ultimately EE plans to have 98% of the UK covered by 2014, giving its 27 million customers access to the service - which is five times faster than a current 3G connection.

Along with the 4G mobile connection, EE is also offering fibre optic connections for the home and the office, giving you connection speeds ten times faster than currently available.

Olaf Swantee, CEO of EE, took to the stage at London's Science Museam and explained that although the new EE network "stands alongside Orange and T-Mobile," the brand will gradually become more noticeable to customers.

Users will start seeing EE on their homescreens, and new stores opening across the UK from now on will feature the EE branding.

What's more, handsets compatible with EE's 4G network have already been announced, including the Samsung Galaxy SIII and the HTC One XL.