Everything Everywhere campaigns for faster UK 4G rollout

T-Mobile and Orange collaboration pushes for a faster introduction of UK 4G networks

Orange and T-Mobile parent company Everything Everywhere has announced plans to campaign for a fast introduction of 4G networks in the UK

Smarpthone retailer and network provider Everything Everywhere has announced it is to push for a faster rollout of 4G networks in the UK with the 4GBritian campaign set to target business leaders and consumer heads.

The Orange and T-Mobile collaboration is pushing to bring the UK in line with the likes of the US which already benefits from a range of next-generation high-speed 4G with UK 4G spectrum sales delayed by disagreements as to how the airwaves should be distributed.

"This is a call for attention to be brought to this issue, to stop battling in the background and let us catch up with the other 34 countries that have already launched 4G services," an Everything Everywhere spokeswoman has announced.

Speaking with the BBC last year Everything Everywhere CEO Olaf Swantee prompted the push for a faster rollout suggesting UK was lagging behind a selection of other nations. "The UK had struck me as a place where mobile technology is deployed first and yet the infrastructure is behind Germany, Scandinavia and the US,” he said before adding: “I want to do something about this issue”

Defending the rollout procedure of the 4G spectrum in the UK regulator Ofcom has suggested networks have caused the hold ups. A spokesperson said: "Delays have been caused by legal challenges and threats of future litigation from various companies as they seek to defend their own commercial positions. While we recognise the need for companies to protect the interests of their shareholders, our role is to promote the interests of consumers."

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