Everest gets 3G connectivity

Success or imminent demise now tweetable from the summit

Can't talk now, love, there's an avalanche going on.

And you were excited about getting WiFi on the tube.

Swedish telecoms company Ncell has become the first company to put a 3G mast on the tallest mountain in the world, to the presumed relief of would-be mountain climbers everywhere whose lack-of-skill is made up for by possession-of-smartphone.

The company has installed seven towers covering the Himalayas, including one that covers the Everest base camp from a height of 17,000 feet up the 29,029-foot mountain.

The 3G connection will allow local Nepalese inhabitants in the area access to online services from their mobiles, and climbers to scale the peak without lugging satellite phones along for the journey.

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