EVE: Valkyrie officially unveiled after Oculus Rift demo at E3

Next-gen dogfighting game goes from proof of concept to reality

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EVE: Valkyrie looks set to become the second spin-off to the hugely successful EVE: Online game placing gamers into the cockpits of their starships

CCP has officially unveiled EVE: Valkyrie, a first-person space combat game that will see gamers take the pilots seat of the very ships they've been flying in EVE: Online.

The game was originally just a proof of concept called EVR blending first-person control with the Oculus Rift Virtual Reality headset giving players the ability to look anywhere within the cockpit.

After receiving numerous awards at E3 CCP has decided to make the game a reality with production being handled by its Newcastle studio and a release date set for 2014.

With the game focused so strongly on Virtual Reality it seems certain that EVE: Valkyrie will only be released on PC however with Oculus Rift gaining more and more momentum the idea of a next-gen console release on Xbox One or PS4 isn't as absurd as say, two years ago.

It's not yet clear how EVE: Valkyrie will tie into the EVE: Online universe with some serious technical hurdles to overcome if they plan on integrating it straight into the current combat that takes place.

CCP have said that they'll be releasing more information as the year goes on but for now here's the official trailer: