EU to force social networks to follow new privacy policy

Users might get the right to be forgotten online

You may be able to say goodbye to all those 3am party pics you wish had never been taken

The European Union (EU) would like social networking sites to adhere to proposals that include the "right to be forgotten online".

The EU justice commissioner, Viviane Reding, gave a speech to the European Parliament where she outlined her plan to force social networking sites including Facebook to give control over data back to the user, wherein they can choose to completely erase their data from the internet.

She said, "A US-based social network company that has millions of active users in Europe needs to comply with EU rules." If passed, it would not matter where the service was physically located; they would still need to adhere to EU laws.

Since January last year, Facebook profiles have been publicly viewable by default and users have to choose to tack on higher privacy settings, for example, ensuring only their friends can see their profile or photographs.

Facebook has confirmed 30 million UK users, which is roughly half its population.

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Via: The Guardian