EU roaming charges to see significant drop

Cheaper texting, calling and data for those travelling

Oversized phone bills post-holiday are to become a thing of the past as the EU has capped roaming charges, hugely reducing the costs of texting and calling

The EU has approved a series of caps on mobile networks that will see roaming charges plummet to just a fraction of the cost they're currently at.

While calling and texting has steadily dropped the cost of using mobile data has always been significantly higher than using data at home.

At present it costs £3.07 per MB on Orange if you travelled to France, once the cap comes into force on July 1st however the cost will be reduced to an impressive 56p per MB.

Furthermore the EU plans to cap the costs even further pushing the price down to a staggering 16p per MB by 2014. In fact this is just one of several steps to reduce costs by the EU.

While this will certainly come as a blow to some mobile operators others such as toggle Mobile have welcomed the cuts. Chris Liveing, Group Marketing Director at the company had this to say:

"High mobile data roaming charges is something travellers have accepted for far too long. Consumers are charged exorbitant prices for using their mobile phone abroad and we are relieved that the EU has finally agreed to go even further than its previous regulatory efforts to protect mobile users."