Etch A Sketch iPad case unveiled

Give your iPad a classic toy makeover with this awesome cover

Ok, you can't actually draw with it, but at least it makes your iPad look even cooler.

iPad cases are hardly things to stoke the passion of hardcore gadget fans. But when one lands that looks exactly like an Etch a Sketch, it’s hard to resist the urge to dress your tablet up in red plastic.

The new case rocks the same plastic controllers as the original, although sadly they don’t let you work up black and white creations on screen before shaking them off and starting again.

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However, you do get the same Etch a Sketch branding and even a kickstand round the back for use when typing and playing round with the panel on a flat surface.

US prices start at $39.99, with no news on a UK release. For more, stay tuned to our Facebook and Twitter pages.