Epson EH-R4000 projector launches at IFA

3LCD Reflective Panel technology but no 3D

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High contrast ratios from Epson's home cinema projectors, but no 3D yet

IFA 2010: T3 was there for the world launch of Epson's 3LCD Reflective panel projector technology, at the same time the company claims the market isn't ready for 3D. Aimed at home cinema enthusiasts, the EH-R2000 and flagship EH-R4000 are full HD projectors with exceptionally high contrast ratios of 500,000: 1 and 1,000,000:1 designed to product deeper, more intense blacks and bright whites.

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T3 had a series of demonstrations from Epson. Obviously these were in controlled conditions, but we couldn't fail to be impressed. Watching a Blu-ray of Mission Impossible 3 in 'Cinema' mode and the black levels were breathtaking, but a Blu-ray of Batman was even better; as the Joker pursues Batman the dark and menacing mean streets of Gothom city it really felt we were sitting in our local multiplex, without annoying kids and the smell of old popcorn.

Other advantages of the technology include improved response time of 75% for fast-paced action; a 40% increase in aperture reduces screen door effect and wider colour gamut. You can also choose from five colour modes including: Cinema and Living Room. Super Resolution feature (seen on the TW5500) upscales standard def sources.

Lens position memory lets you store different picture ratios, such as the cinema-like 2.40:1. Once stored you can then attach a third-party anomorphic lens without adjusting the settings. Surprisingly Epson (officially the world's number one in projectors), didn't show any 3D projectors, a representative saying that the market 'isn't ready,' highlighting the small flatpanel marketshare and lack of content. The company did highlight the continued growth of the gaming projector market.

Available from November, the EH-R2000 will cost £2999.99 and the EH-R4000 will cost £4999.99.

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