Epic launch Make Something Unreal

Epic offers Unreal Engine 4 licence as prize in gaming pitch competition

Epic Games offers "commercial Unreal Engine 4 licence for PC digital distribution" as prize in gaming pitch competition

Are you a budding games developer with a rock-solid idea for the next big IP? Might time to start writing up a verbal pitch; Epic Games, the makers of the hugely successful Gears Of War franchise, have teamed up with the Wellcome Trust to launch the 'Make Something Unreal' game development competition. This international contest is open to all students enrolled full-time at any European higher education establishment.

The rules seem very straightforward: entrants are tasked with pitching their idea for a videogame that plays on the theme of the Mendelian inheritance, which apparently means that games based around "concepts such as variation, mutation and other behaviours of the human genome" are all welcome. Any entrants who make it into the shortlist round will then have to use Epic's Unreal Development Kit (basically a free version of the Unreal Engine 3) to build and design a PC game based on their pitch.

The grand prize for all of these creative efforts is a free commercial Unreal Engine 4 licence for PC digital distribution. The window for accepting pitches closes on November 2nd, so we suggest you Cliff Bleszinskis of the future get cracking.