EnemyGraph Facebook app lets you add enemies

App adds some good old-fashioned hatred to the rosy social networking garden

Sick of your Facebook 'friends'? Fed up of having to 'Like' stuff you don't? Thanks to a little hatred, EnemyGraph is your path to social media happiness.

For all its negative press, Facebook does its best to present a very rosy view of the world; a place where everyone you know is your friend, where it's impossible to dislike anything and where sharing is actually encouraged.

Well, thankfully a new plug-in for the social network has arrived to add a little morbid realism to the equation. EnemyGraph allows you to single out the people you're 'friends' with, but really don't like, and those companies, personalities or organisations you really want to see crash and burn.

Developed, by a college professor as a comment on the social networking phenomenon, EnemyGraph lets you check up on Trending Enemies and also give reasons why you hate what you hate.

Trending Enemies include the Twilight series of books and those odious funeral-picketing folk at the Westboro Baptist Church.

Creator Dean Terry, director of the new Emerging Media and Communications at University of Texas, says the app restores some real-life polarity to the social networking arena.

"Most social networks attempt to connect people based on affinities: you like a certain band or film or sports team, I like them, therefore we should be friends. But people are also connected and motivated by things they dislike. Alliances are created, conversations are generated, friendships are stressed, stretched, and/or enhanced.

"EnemyGraph is a critique of the social philosophy of Facebook. On it’s developer splash page Facebook invites us to “Hack the Graph” - and so we did. We give them a couple of weeks at best before they shut us down for broadening the conversation and for “utilizing community, building conversation, and curating identity” their three elements of social design. EnemyGraph is a kind of social media blasphemy."