Eee PC set to be battered by tablets in 2011

Asus netbooks set to slip by a quarter next year

Tablets to blame for slid in interest in bargain bucket PCs.

The Eee PC revolution looks like it could well be over. The little lappie, which started a race to the bottom among PC makers, is set to lose 25 per cent in sales in 2011 as tablets pick up the slack.

According to Digitimes, estimates suggest 4.5 million Eee PCs will fly off shelves in 2011, compared to six million in 2010. Last year Asus flogged a massive 6.8 million of the little blighters.

Industry insiders told the Taiwanese site that tablets were clearly to blame. Asus has its own line of slates ready, but with the iPad marching on and Android efforts about to break cover, it’s going to have a job convincing punters that a netbook is the way to go.

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Via Digitimes