EE CEO: Unlimited data plans are 'unnecessary' on 4G

Argues that UK average use is 1.4GB per month

When EE first launched its 4G service there was some crticism over both the pricing and the fact they had a 500MB plan, now EE's CEO has fought back at MWC 2013

EE's CEO Olaf Swantee has argued that an unlimited data tariff is unnecessary with the average user in the UK only chewing up around 1.4GB per month in total.

Speaking to PCPro the executive defended the company's decision not to offer an unlimited data plan despite the fact that 4G users would get through their data a lot quicker.

The company had come under some criticism after it launched EE 4G with a 500MB plan with some arguing that with increased speeds users would exceed their data limit without realising.

EE disagrees however suggesting that while the average is 1.4GB it's unlikely that users will then want any more than that.

The recent outcome of the 4G auction means that EE will soon have company in the form of 4G services from O2, Vodafone and Three with Three confirming that they will be offering their 4G service as a free upgrade to existing customers with no extra charge.

Source: PCPro