Ed Sheeran and Devlin launch single through Augmented Reality

2000 augmented reality posters put up around UK

Devlin and Ed Sheeran have teamed up with Aurasma and will be playing gigs in bus stops and on street corners – but not in the way you expect

The UK rapper and British solo artist could perform whilst you wait for the bus or walk into work without the pair actually being there. This seemingly impossible feat is very much possible, thanks to the musicians teaming up with free augmented reality app Aurasma.

Should you be fortunate enough to stumble upon one of the 2000 poster sites across the country, all you need to do is point your smartphone at the poster open up the app and in no time at all the video for their latest single, Watchtower, will be playing before your very eyes.

Given that the track was produced by Labrinth and the chorus written by none other than Bob Dylan, it’s likely that, along with the other million people who have watched the clip on YouTube, you’ll like what you see.

If so, you’ll be able to download the song (£1.99p, from this Sunday) via an optional click-through (this being the first time a song has been released to the public in this way).

The track comes from the MOBO nominated rapper’s album, A Moving Picture, to be released October 29th, whilst Aurasma is available to iPhones, iPads and ‘high-powered’ Android devices for free.