eBay updates iPhone app to combine buying and selling

Buy, sell and scan barcodes in one simple app.

Top app A+++++++++ would use again!

Christmas is coming and those looking to raise cash and spot some bargains will once again turn to online car boot sale eBay for inspiration.

Now eBayers can turn use just one iPhone app to buy and sell after the company consolidated its offering into one do-it-all package. It previously had one app for buying and one app for selling, the latter of which uses the iPhone's camera to take pictures of the item.

The new version also includes a barcode scanner to allow prospective buyers to compare prices with those on eBay, and a Deals of the Day section. There's also a Quick View section to allow users to check on items they're selling or bidding on.

The eBay app, which was among the very first launched on the App Store has been downloded 13.5 million times to day, and this new version is sure to add to its popularity.

Remember the days when we were afraid to leave our computer screens in case we were sniped at the last minute? No longer.

Link: eBay app (via TechCrunch)