eBay reveals massive iPad 2 pre-release sales

eBay charts journeys of 4000 international iPad 2s

4000 iPad 2s escaped US shores ahead of the international launch - eBay reveals where they went.

It seems it wasn't just a handful of crafty Brits getting US iPad 2s shipped over to Blighty to skip the wait for the UK launch. While Apple has kept mum about the number of its latest tablets to ship, eBay haven't just come forward with numbers, they've drawn us a diagram, too.


Apple iPad 2 video

Source: T3 Tech Videos

The map shows what proportion of the whopping 12,000 US iPads that made their way onto eBay went where, with Russia and Canada taking joint second place for iPad 2 consumption with around 500 tablets a piece (behind the States, where skinflints bought up 8000 tablets to sell on once Apple stocks ran low).

The UK came third in the sales rankings alongside Hong Kong and Japan, importing roughly 350 US iPad 2s.

The most popular iPad 2 models sold on eBay were from different ends of the spectrum, with the 16GB WiFi model making up 30% of the sales and the 64GB 3G version racking up 23%. According to eBay, these sold for, on average, $198 and a massive $406 above retail price, respectively.

Via: Cnet