EA updates Dead Space graphics for iPad 2

Improved visuals coming to the UK on iPad launch day

Y-Axis inversion and full stereo soundtrack also added.

Electronic Arts have become the first games publisher to make use of the iPad 2's improved graphics by updating its killer Dead Space game just for owners of Apple's new tablet.

The new version of the gory third-person shooter is already on sale in the States and will hit the UK App Store on iPad 2 launch day on March 25th. As well as the graphical improvements, EA has also upgraded the control system and sound.

The official release says: "Visual quality improvements exclusive to the iPad 2 bring a heightened sense of realism to the game’s environments, combat and enemies. Look sensitivity and Y-axis inversion deliver greater player control taking strategic dismemberment to a whole new level."

"A fully voice-acted stereo soundtrack, along with an orchestrated score and sound effects, allow players to hear every footstep in the dark empty passages and feel the tension build as they are pulled deeper into danger. Coupled with cutting-edge visuals that are rich in effects and atmospheric lighting, Dead Space reproduces the cinematic horror of the console experience and sets a new benchmark for graphical fidelity on the iOS platform."

Having played the version upon its release in the US, we can confirm that EA's can back up its bragging. The visuals are almost Xbox and PS3-esque, the gameplay is innovative (if a little hard to get used to) and the soundtrack is awesome.

Back at the iPad 2 announcement on March 2nd, Steve Jobs promised the new A5 dual core processor and up to nine times better graphics would allow gaming developers to reach new heights for a portable device. You feel we're only just scratching the surface here.

Link: EA