EA Sports Season Ticket goes live

Subscription service available in UK for Xbox 360 only

EA Sports lays down the gauntlet with its premium subscription service, makes you a 'better gamer'

EA Sports has launched it's EA Sport Season Ticket, a subscription service costing around £17 a year which will offer gamers enhanced content and bonuses for handing over their hard-earned cash.

First up is early access to games, 3-days before the titles even reach the shelves, subscription holders will be able to download the full game. Then there's a 20 per cent discount on all DLC content, enticing gamers to fork out on making their games last that little longer.

Finally there's premium web content where you'll be able to look at stats, use social media, all these aspects will be integrated into the experience of using the service online. The service is live now and available in Europe for Xbox 360 only, no date has been confirmed for when it'll land on the PS3.

Is it worth the money, or do you think it's just another way for game publishers to make more money out of us? Let us know what you think on Facebook and Twitter.