EA has massive iPad games sale

Find out what to buy

iPad owners get your wallets out and make sure they're full, because you're about start spending

This weekend EA mobile will be selling their iPad games at a discount price. Guess it’s time for you to snatch up all the pennies you can find so that you can buy as many as you can while it lasts.

The weekend bargains start a little sooner than expected though, so soon in fact that they’ve dropped their prices today.

So what are you waiting for, get on your iPad now. While you're there why don’t you download the T3 iPad app for an stimulating read. The price cut will last from today (28th October) right through to the 3rd November.

For all of you who are thinking about it, here’s a list of the games and discounted prices.

Reckless Racing HD – £2.99
SCRABBLE – £2.99
BOGGLE – £1.19
Need For Speed Shift – £1.79
TETRIS – £1.79
Command & Conquer: Red Alert – £1.79
Mirrors Edge – £1.79
Madden NFL 11 – 59p
Yahtzee – £1.79
Sudoku 2 HD Pro – £1.79