EA announces Create title as it chooses Move over Kinect

LittleBigPlanet competitor announced with Kinect snub

EA Create will not support Microsoft Kinect accessory

Electronic Arts has announced it is to launch a LittleBigPlanet inspired user manipulated title known as Create that will snub Microsoft Kinect in favour of PlayStation Move compatibility.

Due to launch on all the major platforms, Wii, PC, Xbox 360 and PS3, Create will allow users to manufacture their own gaming worlds and environments in order to solve a number of challenges in a release that is being described by EA Bright Light Vice President, Harvey Elliott, as: “a game where the entire family can explore, decorate, and solve challenges where no solution is wrong and the only limit is the imagination.”

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The inevitable consumer battles that will surround the upcoming launches of Sony’s PlayStation Move motion-controlled accessory and Microsoft’s controller-less motion peripheral got an early kickstart during the Create announcement as EA showed its faith in the Sony offering over that of Microsoft.

Whilst this offers an insight into the limitations of Kinect and its lack of compatibility with pointer-based games, it also hints towards the PlayStation Move, which has been declared by a number of games industry experts as ‘more efficient’, holding the most potential as a motion-controlled gaming peripheral upon its release in September.

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