E7 our most important smartphone of 2011, says Nokia

Finns pin hopes on delayed Symbian 3 cell

Forthcoming MeeGo phones take a back seat according to Nokia exec.

MeeGo, Symbian updates, a deal with Microsoft? You’d be forgiven for thinking these were Nokia’s most important issues in 2011, especially after new CEO Stephen Elop claimed the Finnish phone maker was “standing on a burning platform”.

Is this Nokia's handset saviour? Nokia E7 pictures

But in smartphone terms, one Nokia exec thinks a blower unveiled back in September last year and only now hitting shelves is the company’s major priority in 2011.

Speaking to Finnish newspaper Kauppalehti, Ukko Lappalainen, a senior player at Nokia said, "The E7 is by far the most important model for us this year when looking at sales expectations." While the E7 is undoubtedly top notch, with a capacious 4-inch screen, QWERTY slider and rock solid design, this may seem surprising.

But with Nokia keen to recapture past glories in the smartphone arena, it’s perhaps not so much of a shock that it’s putting its faith in an already outed mobile, rather than one rocking MeeGo, or even one using Windows Phone 7. The latter is something gossip hounds insist is about to happen.

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Via Reuters