title: E3 2012 Rumours: Xbox 720 7 PS4 / url: xbox-720-ps4

E3 2012 Rumours: Xbox 720


We’re not going to lead you on by chucking a whole bunch of Xbox 720 rumours at you. No. In fact: we’re just going to say it to you straight: Microsoft won’t be revealing the heavily-rumoured Xbox 720 at E3 in June. Sad but true.

We know this because Microsoft said so. Speaking to Bloomberg, David Dennis, a spokesperson for the company, said the corporation won’t be announcing any deets on the upcoming console at the games expo – nor will it be anytime soon (despite reports that the machine has already been made).

Rubbing salt in the wound, Michael Pachter, an analyst (AKA one of those really smart people that actually know what they’re talking about) at Los Angeles-based Wedbush Securities Inc, said: “They’re still selling a lot of Xbox 360, and they’re making money. I don’t think the world needs them to put a new console out just because we’re bored.”

However, Microsoft will unveil its latest project: implementing Internet Explorer 9 functionality and Kinect controls into Xbox Live, tech website The Verge reports.

According to their source, this will add voice and motion control your web browser. That’ll do for now, we guess.

E3 2012 Rumours: PS4

Despite Sony Computer Entertainment chairman Kaz Kirari revealing back in Jan that the suspected PS4 won’t be debuted at E3 2012, we didn’t stop believing.

We always thought the gaming giant was leading us on and would in fact be unveiling its new machine at the games expo but the only reports (that we can vaguely rely on anyways) suggest that they’ll only be releasing 20 new games.

Although mightily impressive, it’s not as exciting as the launch of a new games console. Sigh.