title: E3 2012 Rumours: Wii U / url: wii-u

E3 2012 Rumours: Wii U


Sorry Nintendo fans, but we have some bad news for you: the Wii U release date will not be announced at E3 this year, GamesRadar reports.

According to a Nintendo financial report – that’s one of those boring spreadsheet-type things that tell you how much money they’ve made/lost/whatever – the company won’t be revealing the upcoming console’s launch date which, incidentally, is expected in late 2012.

However, we’re yet to hear of any official announcement or rumour that suggests the console won’t be shown. Until then, we’ll be keeping our Wii U rumour hats firmly on.

In fact, one rumour we’re extremely excited about is a report earlier this year that claimed gaming giant Nintendo will be revealing the new Wii at E3 under a brand spanking new moniker.

You hear right, our good friends over at CVG, reported that good old Ninty is in discussions about rebranding their games console offering, which will also require the Wii U being renamed.

Apparently, Nintendo has taken on this bold decision in a bid to avoid the same confusion customers encountered when the 3DS was released, after the Nintendo DS.

According to reports, some consumers were darn right unaware that there were two DS machines: the original (that’s the DS, in case you’re wondering) and the 3DS version (3DS).

We’re guessing the company might be worried about mums and dads hitting a brick wall when differentiating the Wii and the Wii U. Totally.