E3 2012: The Last of Us trailer reveals brutal gameplay

Violent survival epic from the creators of Uncharted

The Last of Us wowed crowds last year with its potential next-generation graphics, E3 2012 however begs to differ offering up confirmation for PS3

E3 2012 has brought a fresh trailer which demonstrates the combat and game-play mechanics found in ‘The Last Of Us’ and gives a clearer insight into how surviving against contamination and the remaining human population is going to work.

‘Scientists are still struggling to understand deadly fungus’ was the headline of an in-game newspaper during ‘Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception’ and the first, subtle hint at the epic, violent, post-apocalyptic survival game that was being secretly developed.

The Last of Us storyline

It is obvious from the short 7 minute clip that ammunition is not abundantly available in the plagued city and the game will test both accuracy and hand-to-hand combat techniques.

You will be assisted by 14 year-old A.I controlled Ellie, who proves her worth in the trailer by stabbing and throwing bricks at enemies when you hear the ominous ‘click’ of an empty gun chamber.

It is clear that in the world that Naughty Dog has created Ellie is an intelligent, resourceful and indispensable asset.

Players will control Joel, a survivor and the anti-hero of the game, as he desperately tries to stay alive. Plot details are sparse but creative director Neil Druckmann has revealed that the game will be set in multiple locations within the United States.

Clearly there is still a lot to learn about this intriguing game, but the E3 2012 trailer has given a better idea of what the players will experience during play – and it looks fantastic.

The Last of Us release date

Sadly, Sony has confirmed that the game will not arrive in time for Christmas and those itching to try ‘The Last of Us’ will have to wait to battle the infected. Rumours suggest an early 2013 release as by E3 2013 Sony will be unveiling the PS4.

Returning to this years conference, developers have insisted that ‘The Last of Us’ is not a zombie game, despite the PS3 exclusive being set in a post-apocalyptic world, destroyed by a fungal infection. The trailer reinforces the idea that this is far removed from the constant bullet spraying of Left 4 Dead and Dead Rising.

This is a refreshing perspective and should provide a quiet, unnerving interpretation of an infected America.

But if you do find yourself hungry for a hoard of moaning undead then the E3 trailer for French developer Ubisoft’s ZombiU will be better suited to your taste.

Words: Aaron Brown