E3 2012: God of War Ascension trailer signals return of PS3 favourite

Oh my God (of War)

Despite being one of the most anticipated PS3 titles, the God of War: Ascension trailer gives very little away, luckily we now know he's as angry as ever

Sony brought out the big guns for E3 2012 as they unveiled a brand-new gameplay trailer for upcoming PS3-exclusive God of War: Ascension showcasing the kind of gory action fans have come to know and love.

Whilst God of War III concluded the trilogy which began in 2005, ‘Ascension’ is a prequel that follows a human Kratos on his journey to become the infamous demigod.

The latest trailer features a beautiful cut-scene – and a lot of blood – but no video evidence of any new game-play styles.

However developers have confirmed that ‘Ascension’ will be the first game in the series to feature multiplayer, by combining the large-scale combat that the franchise is known for with a ‘fresh twist’ on competitive gaming.

A ‘revamped’ single-player combat and weapons system is promised but other than that it appears to be business as usual in its brutal, frenzied button-mashing, plot-driven, graphically impressive format. No complaints here.

Players itching to get the fourth console addition to this best-selling series will have to wait until March 2013 and content themselves with watching the trailer one more time until then.