E3 2012: Best new IPs of E3

Our pick of E3's hottest non-sequel video games

E3 2012 has come to a close, and as you'd expect in the dying days of this generation of consoles, sequels dominated the show floor

But E3 2012 wasn't just about the tired old heroes of yesteryear getting their swan songs on. Amidst the Dead Spaces, Assassin's Creeds and Halos of E3, we were also treated to some juicy original titles set to drop over the coming months. Thought this year was all about the sequels and the reboots? Check out our pick of the five hottest new titles of our E3 2012.

The Last Of Us

A lush looking survive-em-up from Naughty Dog, the developers behind Nathan Drake and the Uncharted series. The Last Of Us takes place in a post-apocalyptic Pennsylvania, where the buildings have been reclaimed by nature and the streets are ruled over by vicious gangs of survivors out to pillage whatever remaining supplies they can find, personal property laws be damned.

You play as Joel, a dour, wild-bearded survivor and protector of a young girl named Ellie. As you make your way through the ruined city, you'll have to work together, with Joel doing the trigger work and Ellie scavenging items and providing distractions (and occaisionally just battering a bad guy in the face with a brick). You'll also be on the run from infected former residents, who you'll have to pummel with your fists, blow away with shotguns or set alight with improvised pyrotechnics.

Beyond: Two Souls

The latest "interactive drama" from David Cage and Quantic Dream (developers of grisly psychological thrillers Fahrenheit and Heavy Rain), Beyond: Two Souls stars Juno actress Ellen Paige as the mysterious Jodie Holmes, a teenage girl blessed (although possibly not from her perspective) with powerfully destructive psychic powers.

Details are sparse, but the trailer debuted at E3 shows Jodie being hunted down by SWAT teams which ends... well, with everything on fire. We don't know much more than that at this point, but as with its top-notch predecessors, expect super-heavy story focus, lots of quick time event gameplay, and some stomach-turning moments for the squeamish.


Racking up the style points at E3 this year, Bethesda's Dishonoured is a first person assassin game, with a steampunk setting channelling V For Vendetta by way of Half Life 2. Plot details are thin on the ground, but what we have seen at E3 and the months leading up to it has shown us a dystopian world where dissenters are executed in the streets with lightning and exploding bows and arrows.

The game's tagline, Revenge Solves Everything, suggests that our protagonist has personal beef with the powers that be, apparently best worked through by stabbing people in the neck. A lot. The trailer also has a lot of mystical weirdness going on - watch it below, and listen carefully to the words of 'What Shall We Do With The Drunken Whaler' towards the end. Creepy.


Dust 514

Everyone's at least heard of Eve Online by now - the massively multiplayer space sim in which you build fleets, manage trade routes and breeze around the universe like an intern in the Galactic Empire's accounting department. But for those who like their space games to include a bit more shooting and a bit less Microsoft Excel, Dust 514 promises to redress the balance. Set in the same universe as EVE, Dust 514 is a first person space shooter with a unique twist: every battle you fight ties into EVE Online, in real-time.

So if a player in EVE decides to screw over his galactic neighbour by invading his mining colony and blowing up all his stuff, it's players of Dust 514 that will actually be doing the fighting on the ground, and if they get themselves into a pickle, they'll be able to call on Eve Online players to blast everyone to bits from orbit. And did we mention it's free to play?


Who said that Nintendo doesn't make 'mature' games? ZombiU dumps players into the (now rather worn-in) shoes of a zombie apocalypse survivor, but wait, there's a twist! The WiiU's controller now fulfils a whole range of context-sensitive survival functions. For instance, if you're fighting through an area strewn with clutter, you can use the controller's second screen as a scanner to spot zombies behind cover.

In other situations it works as an inventory manager, meaning if you want to look in your backpack for a different weapon you'll have to take your eyes off the screen for a moment to rummage around on the controller's inventroy system - leaving you vulnerable to getting chewed on. It also makes use of the WiiU's motion control, letting you swing the controller to bury something pointy into zombies' crumbly skulls. See? Mature.