Dyson bladeless fans top summer gadget sales

Summer sun sees Dyson warehouse run dry

Blown away by sales

Thanks to the prolonged periods of summer sun that we have been experiencing in the UK, the gadget of the summer seems to be emerging already as the latest invention from the mind of Sir James Dyson, the air multiplying bladeless fan.

Despite the somewhat lofty £200 price tag, supplies of the impeccably designed and highly efficient fans are reported to have run out at the Dyson warehouse whilst it is understood the company has had to double production in its Malaysian factory.

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The revolutionary air multiplying fans work by sucking in one unit of air at the base and pushing it out at speed through a thin gap in the fan’s ring. Forced out over an airfoil-shaped ramp, similar to that of an areoplane wing, the high-speed airflow draws in surrounding air, transforming that initial single unit of air into 15 propelled units.

Although costing ten-times more than a bog standard desk fan, Sir James Dyson was insistent that his company’s fans would capture shoppers’ imaginations. Based on recent sales, he looks to have been correct.

Speaking exclusively to T3 last week at the launch of the latest range of Dyson air multiplying fans, the British inventor admitted that the initial idea for the Dyson fans was the accidental result of a previous product.

He said: “When we were developing the handdryers, we noticed that the sheet [of air] that comes out pulled in a huge amount of air next to it, I mean vast amounts and we were astonished. We got on with the business of developing the handdryer but we thought that’s very interesting, could you make an air mover on that principle?”

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