DXG-018 3D budget camera unveiled

A 'my first' 3D camera that costs under £50.

DXG has unveiled a range of brightly coloured delights, all of which won't break the bank.

The DXG-018 3D camera is probably the cheapest 3D imager you'll find this side of Mars, and it's not too skimpy with the specs either.

Available in the US for just $70 it's aimed at being not only a budget camera but also one that could be used easily by kids, it has a 1.4inch LCD, SD card slot and dual lenses, all of which are apparently easy as pie to use.

They'll also throw in a pair of 3D glasses as well so that once you've printed your photos you and your children can marvel at the depth and clarity of the swing your little tyke snapped just the other day. Unfortunately there's no word on whether it's heading our way as yet, but fingers crossed.

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Source: Engadget