Dunhill Portable Solar Charger: T3 exclusive

The eco charger that doesn't scrimp on its looks

The most stylish way to charge on the move

Luxury fashion and accessories label Dunhill has announced its own solar-powered mobile phone charger, the Dunhill Portable Solar Charger.

The flip-open device is made from tough aerospace aluminium with a brushed silver finish. A push button ‘power halo’ tells you how much juice it has, and if it’s an overcast day you can power it up from your PC via the USB connection. It can hold up to 1800GHZ – enough to give your mobile 70 hours of standby, or an ebook reader 5,000 page turns.

This being Dunhill, it also comes with a carbon fibre effect chassis leather carry case. Because anything less would put you with the rest of the solar crew.

The Dunhill Portable Solar Charger will be out in February, for £125.

With skis, a snowboard, phone cases and a solar powered bag in past ranges, you can’t accuse the luxury company of being stuck in the past.