Duke Nukem: Forever UK advert banned

The Advertising Standards Agency bans TV ad for Duke Nukem following viewer complaints

The Advertising Standards Agency has banned the advert for the Duke Nukem: Forever game from being shown before 11pm, following a series of viewer complaints

The Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) has banned a digital animated TV advert promoting the Duke Nukem: Forever game from being aired before 11pm, after a series of complaints from the public.

The advert features scantily-clad women dancing on poles and two school girls in uniform about to kiss, as well as several violent scenes involving explosions and the firing of automatic weapons and bombs.

It also features a full-frontal shot of a thong-wearing woman, with only pixellated patches covering her modesty.

Two versions of the ad were originally given the green light from ASA to be screened, one after 7.30pm and the other after 9.30pm. But officials had to re-think their verdict after a total of 34 complaints came in from viewers who deemed it sexist, violent and potentially harmful to kids.

However, the ASA did find that the violent nature of the advert was no more worse than what is already shown on television after the 9pm watershed.

Take Two Interactive, the company behind the ad, argued that the racy content was intended to be a cartoon-like take on the life-like first person shooters that dominate the market.

The ban is just a series of problems that have plagued 3D Realms, the game's developers. The Duke Nukem: Forever release date suffered major delays - 15 years to be precise! - and when it was finally released in June, users hated the game so much they even voted it the most disappointing games releases of 2011.