Duke Nukem Forever trailer taunts censors

New 'secretly' filmed trailer leaks onto the interweb

Duke is back after 12 years with a new mission and a press blackout

After some infamously speedy back-pedalling by Infinity Ward and EA Games over Modern Warfare 2's No Russian level and the upcoming Medal of Honor's inclusion of the Taliban as a playable faction, it's unusual to see a developer actively baiting the censors' wrath.

But this is exactly the strategy adopted by Gearbox Software boss Randy Pitchford, who asked press in London yesterday to not film footage of Duke Nukem Forever's latest trailer, saying "we don't want out friends at [publisher] Take-Two to be punished for our creativity".

By creativity, he presumably meant sexual content, which the trailer is filled with, or possibly obscenity, refering to the gratuitous swearing and opening shot of the Duke urinating into a toilet. Then again, perhaps he just meant violence - there's some of that, too.

Of course, the trailer was filmed and posted up on YouTube, so you can judge Gearbox's creativity all for yourself, but in this time of careful political line-walking by game studios, can we bet on Duke to buck the trend of self-censorship?